Explorius – Hydrofoil Sailing Yacht by Arnold Freidling

This transportation concept introduces the Hydrofoil technology into the sailing yacht world and shows an innovative approach to a traditional transportation field. Hydrofoil consists of a wing profile that moves underwater, similar to the wings of an airplane. When at wind speeds over 10kn, Hydrofoil produces a lifting force which lifts the boat above water and reduces the displacement and friction of the boat enormously. Thus it enables open ocean travels above the waves at the high speed of up to 30kn and provides space for 2-10 maritime jet setters.

Designer: Arnold Freidling


  • Peter says:

    Got to admit it looks good and has some interesting ideas but it is only a design concept … Engineering wise I suspect there are going to be lots of problems.

    All that seems to have been done so far are drawings and a conceptual model. Until there’s some proper analysis and scale model testing I’m not convinced it would ever work …

  • bill says:

    Stability is obviously the issue.

    There are several boats using foils today but they are typically race boats that achieve dynamic stability using crew weight. I don’t see how this cruising boat with the narrow foot print would be stabilized.


    The trifoiler uses the wide stance for stability


  • stephen russell says:

    Fix the stability issue & you have a Winner, Id sail this around HI, Kauai, Oahu alone.
    Be neat

    Must to Charter worldwide.

    Add aux engine for in port & calm seas.

    PR via 007 movie, Travel Channel alone.

  • How about designing a sky sailor? I know the coeffient of drag. Interesting thought though eh?

  • AJ says:

    With the Unbalance of Main and For’sail area it would need a big keel on a conventional sailing yacht, unless its got some amazing design in the foils that functions as a keel its going to be so unstable that if its going fast enough to be foiling it will be laying on its side as soon as the bow clears the water.

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