Electric Motorbikes as Tires

Behold an electric motor vehicle who indeed does fit the mold of “more than meets the eye.” This is no robot though, it’s a compact urban city car, but what’s more is that its rear wheels transform into bikes. Each of these bikes have only a single tire, functioning on the same system as the Segway! The car with the bikes still integrated has a light weight structure, 2 parallel side panels and a bunch of cross panels making the car like a feather yet totally tough.

To separate the bikes from the car, you’ve only to open the rear hood, take the bumper out, set down the stand to keep the car aloft, remove the docking lock, and activate the bike. A couple more features in the car are a solar panel roof, glass panels for side doors, and an overall essence of architecture embedded in the whole structure.

This project is a 2010 Red Dot Design Awards winner!

Designer: Bobin Kil