The Lamborghini Reventón

When you see a Lamborghini, you see style, elegance, power and performance. Top of the line in all it has to offer inside and out. Lamborghini has always been a car that is truly unique and one that out performs all others. With the birth of the new Lamborghini Reventon, the style, power and performance has been knocked up several notches. With only 20 being made and selling for 1 million Euro’s (tax not included), the Reventon is by far the most unique Lamborghini yet made-a true masterpiece.

Designed with the idea of modern aeronautics behind it, Reventon has style and vitality like no other car around. With its twisting design the Reventon has a seamlessly elegant movement. The carbon fiber material and the forward-facing air intakes allows for the 650 horsepower car stability, power and precision even at 340 km/hr.

Not only is the design of the Reventon extraordinary, but the coloring created just for this model is unique. A mid opaque green/grey, which in the sunlight, shows a depth to the paint of the Reventon.

The interior of the Reventon is equally stunning. With a G-force meter created solely for the Reventon, it shows the dynamic drive forces, longitudinal acceleration during acceleration and braking, as well as transversal acceleration around bends.

The Reventon has many other amazing features unique to this car. Once again, Lamborghini has shown exactly how much dedication goes into creating a super masterpiece – Style, and perfection to another classic.

Designer: Lamborghini