This stable cargo ebike with robust frame and ample boot space amplifies your outdoor experience!

For adventure lovers who want to keep their environmental impact to the minimum, a pedal-power-assisted cargo e-bike is the right choice for camping trips. Likewise, this cargo electric bicycle crafted keeping in mind a large set of considerations could be the future of zero-emission hauling of essentials in the treacherous mountains.

The problem with most cargo bikes is their overall balance distribution and lack of space. Even if they have presumed optimum space for hauling important stuff, the shape and function take a hit. On paper, things look all rosy for such iterations, but the design of the front wheel makes it highly unstable on mountainous terrain. This kills the whole purpose of bicycle camping – and the intelligent adventure seeker never even looks that way.

X Space cargo bike concept however is different from the contemporary designs. The zero-emission concept electric camping bike is optimized for riding balance, space and zero pollution for the year 2030 – and it makes perfect sense. X Space comes with a mindfully crafted front wheel design and tactically placed storage spaces for smooth riding in the mountain terrain. The off-beat cargo bike is the result of the demand for eco-conscious commuting with the liberty to carry along essentials. Something that adventurers will highly appreciate.

The electric cargo bike has those off-road style lines with triangle-inspired geometry. The seating frame is supported by the bottom section for structural integrity which all goes well for durability. The ride height and wheelbase ensure the bike is stable even at difficult riding angles, in part attributed to the suspension system in place. The rear section underneath the seat houses a removable cooler to store beverages and fruits for a camping escapade. The front has a large cargo box utilizing the space between the two wheels to store non-perishable items or camping essentials. Thereby, saving you from hauling them in a backpack.

A removable battery for pedal-powered assistance can be easily plugged out once it runs out of juice. X Space electric cargo bike looks quite stable because of its low- center of gravity courtesy of the angled frame design. How much pedal-powered assistance it can churn out is going to be crucial in determining the terrains it can tread.

Designer: HTH Han