This carbon-fiber, kevlar, and titanium SUV is literally bulletproof

Meet the RM-X2. It looks like the kind of SUV Batman would drive around Gotham on one of his crime-fighting sprees… and it ostensibly is the right SUV for the caped crime fighter, because this absolute beast of an automobile isn’t just aesthetically hardcore, it’s a 999hp road devil with an LT5 V8 engine that bestows upon it an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds, massive all-terrain tires that give it up to 27.5 inches of road clearance, and a body that’s made to practically be an armor. Available in a variety of styles and variants, the RM-X2 has the option of being equipped with B6 or B7 Ballistic Protection, thanks to its body that comprises materials like carbon-fiber, Kevlar, and titanium.

Customizable to fit your needs and wants, the SUV comes in as many as 6 variants with minute changes to the body parts to suit your aesthetic sensibilities as well as switch up the engine or even add an electric motor and batteries, turning the bulletproof SUV into an EV! Don’t get your hopes up about owning one of these though… each RM-X2 costs north of a million dollars, and the company is only slated to make 12 units in 2020.

Designer: R.A.M.S. Automobiles