Cybertruck with ‘big boy pants’ – this Jeep Pickup takes Tesla’s low-poly design to the next level

When Elon took to the stage to reveal the Cybertruck design, he made a pretty telling and significant observation – when you put the top pickup trucks right beside each other and remove their branding, it’s difficult to tell them apart. That statement ushered in a new age of pickup truck design, with Tesla, Rivian, Canoo, and a bunch of other automotive companies redefining what a new-age electric pickup truck should look like. With this new pickup concept, it seems like Jeep is throwing its hat into the ring too.

The Jeep Pickup Concept by Aitor Amigo López is a balanced fusion of modern yet traditionally brawny… a combination of beastly and refined – sort of like ‘Smart Hulk’. I wouldn’t imagine a lumberjack or trucker behind the wheel of this car… but swap out their flannel shirt and dungarees for a leather jacket and sunglasses and maybe they’d fit right into this modern monster.

Designer: Aitor Amigo López

When López envisioned his concept, he undoubtedly flashed his creative license quite a bit. Purely from a realism standard, there are a few things that feel ‘far-fetched’ about this concept, although on paper, the Jeep Pickup is purely a ‘what if’ exercise, so it’s best viewed from that lens.

The Jeep Pickup sports the same low-poly edgy design as the Cybertruck, although it isn’t shy to explore curves, complex 3D surfaces, and an overall aesthetic that’s more expressive than Cybertruck’s bare-basics minimal design. The concept makes use of both sheet metal as well as carbon-fiber, creating a dual-color effect around the front, sides, and back that’s definitely interesting to look at. The mammoth of a vehicle floats majestically off the floor with ground clearance that’s enough to let you drive over boulders without worrying about them hitting the underside of your car. This concept may look like it was designed to have an electric powertrain under the hood, although grilles on the front of the car make me wonder otherwise.

Now onto the more ‘unrealistic’ details on the Jeep Pickup. For starters, the car doesn’t sport any glass panels. The front and rear windshield are made from a pretty futuristic-looking hexagonal armor-panel (I’m getting Crysis vibes), while the side windows are decidedly opaque. One could assume that the interior of the car’s equipped with massive HUDs and display panels (sort of like the inside of a tank)… given the impression the Jeep Pickup is trying to make, that seems like a pretty fitting design direction. The opaque panels, sadly, mean that there’s no way to see what the insides of the pickup look like. Maybe the designer will detail it out sometime in the future.

Speaking of ‘future’, the car’s modern aesthetic is further completed thanks to its edge-lit headlight and taillight, the lack of side mirrors, and even door handles. The truck does, however, come with a pretty spacious rear bed. Big enough for a quad-bike… or maybe a hovercraft if we’re this far into the future?