Flat White Bike for the Weekend Warrior

High modulus carbon fiber! Bike for the talented rider! This bike is made for those folks who use their car during the week, but on weekends bike in the mountains, defending themselves against wolves for the greater good of their physical health! How does it help in this? The bike has a lithium ion battery powered automatic stepless gear transmission! What’s that mean? It decides what gear to be in based on the rider’s cadence, power, and speed!

“Get the most out of every pedal stroke.” Certainly!

Designer F.Rudenstam notes that the biggest obstacle in making this concept come to fruition would be the weight of the Nuvinci Hub, a crucial component in the gear-switching part of the bike. He’s confident though that it won’t be a problem for long as technology such as this is bounding forward.

Designer: Fredrik Rudenstam

Nishiki Urban Commute Concept by Fredrik Rudenstam