Flat White Bike for the Weekend Warrior

High modulus carbon fiber! Bike for the talented rider! This bike is made for those folks who use their car during the week, but on weekends bike in the mountains, defending themselves against wolves for the greater good of their physical health! How does it help in this? The bike has a lithium ion battery powered automatic stepless gear transmission! What’s that mean? It decides what gear to be in based on the rider’s cadence, power, and speed!

“Get the most out of every pedal stroke.” Certainly!

Designer F.Rudenstam notes that the biggest obstacle in making this concept come to fruition would be the weight of the Nuvinci Hub, a crucial component in the gear-switching part of the bike. He’s confident though that it won’t be a problem for long as technology such as this is bounding forward.

Designer: Fredrik Rudenstam

Nishiki Urban Commute Concept by Fredrik Rudenstam






  • ranjix says:

    Looks great, probably very expensive when on market, not sure about the “automatic” gearbox, serious bikers will want to keep control on that (at least my assumption, if any serious biker around, please correct me).

    • SkyWay says:

      Serious biker here, You are correct at least if you ask me.

      Can’t see how the weight of the gearbox could be an issue if the whole frame is carbon fiber, but this obviously is not meant to climb mountains, so if the weekend warrior just wants to cruise on smooth, paved roads then nice 🙂

    • SkyWay says:

      Sorry if YD decides to show my older reply…

      Anyway, serious biker here and if you ask me you are correct. I would not want to use this kinda complicated system and I would not like to place my trust on it without thoroughly testing it first.

      And “weekend warrior” sounds like you should be able to run to the hills with this 😛 I’d stay with smoothly paved roads by the looks of it and carbon fiber is not the most forgiving of materials anyway.

  • Freddo says:

    Thanks for the post!
    More images and info at,
    http://www.coroflot.com/Rudenstam or

  • Killian says:

    Very nice! I especially like the way the handle bar stem seems to be seamlessly attached to the frame of the bike, that’s the detail that really sets this bike apart and makes it gorgeous.
    I must agree with ranjix though that cyclists do prefer to have easy access and repair to both the gears and the CHAIN. I’m not sure how this magic gear hub works but it’s an interesting concept that I’d like to hear more about. I will say though the chain gaurd makes for a nice look aesthetically but most cyclists prefer to have easy access to the chain as that is one of the first things to go wrong with a bike.

    • SkyWay says:

      Gotta disagree with you about the chain there. If it uses a single gear up front, like this apparently does, the chances of it going off are pretty small, more so if it has those things that hold the chain in place >___>

      And you can opt to use a more durable chain if you have constant problems with it.

      • Commuter says:

        I am pretty sure I read in another article that this is belt driven. So theoretically it should be quite maintenance free, and belts tend to outlast chains.

  • SkyWay says:

    Chris, honestly. By your introduction including biking in the mountains etc I take it that you did not visit the designers pages about this bike or even had a look at the images. I see a description “Urban commute bike concept” which in my world means that you would use this every day to get around, which explains the automatic, the carbon fiber and all of it and makes my other comments look a bit stupid at the same time :d

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