Sun + Flower = Lunchbox!

The Sunflower Lunchbox is a cute solar-powered appliance that heats and cools food items at the same time. A collapsible petals-like contraption (laced with solar cells) is used to trap the solar energy, which is then stored in an internal battery. With the simple touch of a button, you can then heat or cool down the contents within the individual boxes. It’s an ideal lunchbox for those fussy about eating piping hot food and solid cold drinks!

How it works:

  • When the lunch box is closed, the compartments are connected to an electrical circuit through three lids for heating and cooling at the same time or separately, depending on the user’s wishes.
  • Once opened, the electrical circuit is broken allowing you to take out the compartments individually and eat!
  • Every pan has its own display through which you can control the heating or cooling your food.

Designer: Edita Barabas