Flavoring My Tossed Salad :)

I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t like adding salt and pepper to my salads because I prefer sweet nutty flavors. Something like ginger honey vinaigrette or a sesame pear dressing. However many salad aficionados won’t do a salad without salt and pepper so to make tossing one a little more convenient, these Pepperfork and Saltspoon utensils are the perfect set. Anytime you need a little extra pow in you greens, just turn them round upside down and give a hard shake.

Designer: Enoc Armengol


  • Passer-by says:

    This is cool 😀

  • alan ramos villa says:

    I think this is very comfortable

  • cyrman says:

    just a question ? if thoses utensils are full of salt and pepper… how can we wash them ?

  • carlo says:

    i’think it’s a really good idea!
    how much?

  • Marc Graells says:

    divertido, original y funcional, perfect!

  • AG says:

    When I put them to rest, what prevents the salt and pepper from pouring on my nice tabletop?

    I would suggest a simple screw top… which you may or may not have already integrated.

    So there are symmetrical holes in a metal panel behind the white plastic holes, you turn the holes to align, and the seasoning pours out. Misalign the holes, and the seasoning will not pour out. Additionally, if this is marketed toward gourmet kitchens – you could implement a salt grinder and pepper grinder. The seasoning only comes out when you actively grind. Think about this kind of stuff, or communicate it if you have.

    The fact is- even if this feature is integrated, it has not been communicated. Draw up a quick Illustrator, demonstrating a twist motion, two arrows and two words is all you need, Left turning arrow “Open”, right turning arrow “Right”.

    Communication is most important with a concept.

    • Enoc says:

      Thanks for your explanation,

      It’s true, i forgot to show how is the user use, with just turn to open or close word and an arrow. Next time i will put it 😉

      There is an image of the salt and pepper individual container all dismounted componets (is not here).

      Thanks again !

  • Shiella says:

    I don’t think those are ergonomics to be handled.

  • alex says:

    llotja powa!!

    molt xulu!!

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