100% ocean bound plastic converted into adorable, reusable sleeve for your coffee cup


Paired perfectly in time for your annual visit to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Slippy is a sweater that provides the perfect holiday-themed alternative to those corrugated cardboard sleeves you put around your coffee cup. Every year in America alone, we use enough corrugated cardboard sleeves to cover the entire state of Texas… and while cardboard IS considered biodegradable, it still falls within the culture of use-and-throw, generating ton of waste in the process. Slippy, like your reusable coffee-cup and metal straw, promotes a culture of reusability. Woven to look like an adorable printed sweater for your hot or cold cups, tumblers, and thermoses, the Slippy slips right on, guarding your hands from the temperature of the liquid inside the vessel. The Slippy is washable and reusable too, which means your average consumer goes from using 300+ cardboard sleeves per year to just 1. This means you can enjoy your daily coffee without contributing to the surmounting problem of waste in our oceans… and here’s how.

The Slippy has a two-fold approach to our world’s trash problem. Not only is it reusable, it’s recycled too. Each Slippy is made from a plastic yarn that comes from bottles pulled out of our oceans. Slippy’s makers partnered with a supplier that sourced their bottles right from the oceans, and as a result, each Slippy sleeve is made from exactly one bottle that’s pulled out from the massive pacific garbage patch. The up-cycled bottle turns into a wonderfully woven sleeve you can use over and over, with your coffee cups, thermoses, tumblers, and even with baby-bottles. Each Slippy sleeve effectively reduces vast amounts of disposable corrugated cardboard sleeves that are thrown in the trash each year, while also slowly but surely eliminating the ever-increasing plastic trash problem in our oceans! Go ahead and get yourself that Pumpkin Spice Latte. You deserve it!

Designer: Zach Crain

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SLIPPY – Reusable Coffee Sleeve!

SLIPPY’s yarn is made from 1 plastic bottle collected off the coast! It is the only product that uses 100% ocean-bound plastic. Which means that all of the bottles are collected from the beach or within 30 miles of the coast in countries without formal waste management systems.

Here’s How it Works

Plastic bottles get collected from coastal areas without proper waste management. The bottles then go to a North Carolina factory where they are transformed into yarn and knit into Slippies using 73% less energy, 67% less water, and 55% less chemicals than the making of regular yarns.

With almost 10 years of success in the knit beverage sleeve space, focusing mostly on bottle covers, the team decided they wanted to leverage their knowledge AND do something that clearly makes a positive impact on our world.

As they sipped on their coffee at the meeting, suggested that a knit version of the traditional cardboard coffee sleeve was an excellent model to replicate.

Click Here to Buy Now: $5. Hurry, only 37/200 left!