Tea to Perfection

There are few people on this planet who really know what a perfect cup of tea tastes like. I imagine I’m one of them, after reading the process this designer explains in telling us about this new project by the name of “The Perfect Cup.” The designer, Callum Kenny, informs us that 64 million cups of tea are enjoyed every 24 hours. Of those masses of cups, how many have taken time and care enough to create the perfect cup? Not many, I bet.

Kenny notes that there are four parts essential to any perfect cup of tea: the glass carafe, the three glass temperature bulbs, the tea caddy and filter. Each of these is included in this project. Using none other than the principles of the Galileo thermometer, each of the three bulbs show the optimum brewing temperature. Each of the three bulbs works to show a different temperature, the user of this project choosing the correct bulb for the kind of tea they’d like to drink.

Next, the user collects the loose leaf tea they’ve chosen, measuring it from the tea caddy into the filter, observing the changing color of the water in the carafe as they do so. The water darkens to the liking of the user, and the user can remove the filer and enjoy!

Designer: Callum Kenny