Tiny Slick Little Yacht

You know, of all the things I thought I’d be writing about in my life, I never thought it’d be yachts. Yet, here Yanko Design, I’ve certainly seen my fair share. We’ve got yachts from here to there, yachts everywhere! Do a search for just the word “yacht” and you’ll see what I mean. The yacht you’re about to look at goes by the name “The Little Tender” and it’s designed by a mister Niels Caris. It’s a fast 22 foot long boat inspired by classic Italian Aqua Riva, and it’s slick as heck.

This boat also contains contemporary influences like yacht builder Frauscher. You’ll also notice some fluid lines and soft volumes looking like their straight off a 1950s automobile, just a sliding through the air. This boat was meant to be both compact and integrated in appearance. Table, lighting, and cleats are flush fitted, anchor and rear access steps are concealed behind a hatch.

This yacht comes in both silent cruiser mode with small sun deck and high performance with a covered rear end. Choice one makes this boat a hybrid : gas turbine with electric propulsion, while choice two presents 350 V8. Rockin and rollin.

Designer: Niels Caris