Triumph Bonneville Bobber gets a modern customization to be the badass sidekick you need!

Triumph Bonneville Bobber is a good first ride for newbie riders who want a stylish cruiser bike to explore the countryside. The motorcycle is an apt canvas for any modifications to beef up its look which by the way is already badass. Not surprising that modification pros like to work on the Bobber, like we earlier saw the gorgeous Triumph VE Day commemorative bike. Now, the master customizers at Hookie have chosen the iconic motorcycle for a subtle makeover that looks totally magnetic.

The Triumph Bobber Orca is a one-off project by Hookie with small changes that make the Triumph Bobber Black 2020 stand out in a big way. It is more of a cosmetic makeover to make a thumping style statement without going too much overboard in terms of modifications. After going over the drawing board for the changes to be made – the intuitive minds at Hookie decided the right kind of materials to be used. Some were handcrafted while others 3D printed. After the custom paint job, the bike is reborn with a fresh new look, ready for the road.

The seat mount is modified on the Bobber Orca along with the custom Alcantara solo seat. The engine gets a blacked-out cover and details, the custom aluminum rear fender is now without struts, there’s the new set of lights and Motogagdet Tiny Speedo, and the Zard Short exhaust gets an all-black look. All the modifications come as a Moto-Kit that also includes the custom handlebar, fuel tank, tank cover and a 7-inch LED headlight fitted inside a custom bracket. So if you own a Triumph Bobber and don’t mind getting your hands dirty for a day or two – you can customize your ride in the garage for that cool matte black and silver dual-tone styling.

Designer: Hookie