Such Perfection in Wrinkles

Behold the imperfect human body. The following is part of a collection of jewelry called “Ode to Imperfection” by Christiaan Lebens. This collection takes the lost art of appreciating the beauty of the human body, especially the aging and weathering of the skin, and turns it into fine and lovely jewelry. Made of precious materials, this collection reflects the godliness of the natural landscape of the human body.

Take a peek at the images below, each of them tied to the description directly below this paragraph. One to one, two to two and everything else. One necklace and three brooches. Probably only wear two at a time, that’s my guide to “Ode to Perfection.”

Love it.

Ode to Impefection 1
Necklace, 2010
Silver, pearls, cord
L: 400 mm, w: 120 mm, h: 35 mm

Ode to Imperfection 2
Brooch, 2010
L: 110 mm, w: 70 mm, h: 15 mm

Ode 3
Brooch, 2010
Polyurethan, silver, pearls, thread
L: 180 mm, w: 70 mm, h: 15 mm

Ode 4
Brooch, 2010
Polyurethan, silver, pearls
L: 180 mm, w: 70 mm, h: 15 mm

Designer: Christiaan Lebens