Naut Your Average Yacht

Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids (kidding!). But seriously, the Bairim luxury-yacht by designer Timon Sager is enough to make you want to leave it all behind and hit the high seas. It’s no-resistance design is hydrodynamically optimized for cutting through rough waters. Below deck, the polished interior is enhanced by advanced comfort features and water-level floor-to-ceiling windows on the port and starboard sides. Gotta love the classic wooden deck that opens to the interior and that center stairway leading to the water.

Designer: Timon Sager


  • KristianLuke says:

    Absolutely love this design, its the kind of yachts i design myself. Not sure if i like the steps going all the way into the water at the back though.

    • James says:

      I thought the steps were a good idea. Did you not see that film where everyone is in the water and can't get back on the boat? haha

  • Corey says:

    Look! it's a minny Nautilis from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  • James says:

    Just what the world needs, more yacht designs! I mean, how will the rich get around otherwise and enjoy themselves?!

  • Gus says:

    Stunning design, love the forward(ish) facing windows almost at water level! Liking the steps too, makes the end less kinda abrupt

  • IceTroll says:

    Love it. But seriously not made for “cutting through the roughest waters”. Unless you're lookin for an inside pool with “water-level floor-to-ceiling windows” 😉

  • IceTroll says:

    Love it. But seriously not made for “cutting through the roughest waters”. Unless you're lookin for an inside pool with “water-level floor-to-ceiling windows” 😉

  • stephen russell says:

    Modify & make a submersible yacht type, must redo the stern looks terible from the air.
    Nice Port Stbd views.

  • Andrew says:

    Great sea boat 🙂 fantastic design

  • David says:

    Its a really nice design I love the side windows and the shape but how do you get in when its at the dock?

  • Iph4x says:

    Nice minimalist design
    I'd love to have seen the provisions for its propulsion and engine system, any green design incorporated?
    the bow isn't effective for high seas.

    Lovely work!

  • lavender says:

    All I gotta say is.. Oooh DAMN!!!!

  • Jon says:

    lacks cover for the wheelhouse. thing would fill with water very fast. looks nice but like a jaguar youd spend more time with maintenance then actually enjoying it.

  • ringo says:

    need to improve rendering skill~ i cannot see the form clearly~ bad view angle~

  • Susanna says:

    Unsafe. This thingy turns into a submarine when the wave height exceeds 2 m, which will happen at 20+ kn wind speed. A wave piercing bow with vertical hull lines is looking for big time trouble.

  • smon says:

    terrible shape

  • Andy says:

    See, the only issue is the concave bow of the boat. There is a reason they are made convex. If this would go the other way around (back first) this would actually work better because of the tearshape. Nevertheless, very great concept.

  • Now that is one awesome looking boat.

  • samvit says:

    beautiful renderings

  • It doesn’t seem very nice to me… Strange.

  • Jordan says:

    Honestly, it looks like a heinously inefficient piece of shit with terrible handling especially in any sort of seaway and absolutely fuck all interior volume for the it’s size. A reverse tear drop hull shape like that is just about as bad as you can go in terms of hydrodynamics

  • bakeca reggio calabria says:

    fantastic design, futuristic

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