One Controlled Mark

Recalling a time in his childhood when he’d connect two or more pens together, drawing with them, observing the wacky results, Jackob Mazor now presents a pen custom made for another similar experiment. This is the “Me Too” pen, made during an observation course at Mazor’s college. It presents in a very real way the notion that for every controlled mark you make in this world, there’s at least one other mark you make that cannot be controlled. Observe yourself from any other perspective and your whole world is changed. Scary to the max!

I often think about this, too, Mazor. The idea that no matter how hard we try, we cannot make another person make the same mark as we did. One can never stand in the same river twice. One DOES have to clean that brush leg of this pen out though, which is why it’s detachable for easy washing. The main marking tool is a simple ball-point pen.

Designer: Jackob Mazor