TreeTell – Tree In A Living Room by Shanfan Huang

Trees are always vivid and friendly. So how about bringing a tree into our living room The work TreeTell, as an interactive center, wants to express the homelike feeling. Users will get a brand new, but also kind of familiar experience of communication.

In a world full of cool and indifferent high-tech products, TreeTell provides a more emotional way of touch: under the tree and facing the hole, people at different place confide and hearken by the interactive screen, AV equipment and network terminal.

One more point is that TreeTell is a family message system with LED screen beneath the skin. You can use the accessory Leafi to send message to family members and it would be displayed on the tree. Also you can doodle or take diary on it.

Designer: Shanfan Huang & Huang Zhe


  • Avin says:

    I think this is a lovely idea… bringing nature into a modern home….

    how about increasing the base so that it becomes a nice cozy room where an adult or two can escape into for some privacy or into another world…. perhaps for reading…

    there should be some form of interaction.. perhaps by the LED color or digital leaves that will wither and die when family activities drop… when strong words like die, hate, explicit messages are recorded …

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