Tri to Turn Screws Tight

For those of you paying very close attention to every single post I personally have ever made, you know that for a while, about a year ago, I was working with some family members on refurbishing houses. During this time, of course, I came in certainly came in contact with my fair share of screwdrivers and screwdriver accessories. Lots of solutions out there for a problem that’s just never quite gonna get fixed, that being the one where you say “aw, heck, this just isn’t the bit I want right now, is it?”

Well Dong-gun KIM has a new solution for you. I’ve seen screwdrivers similar to this one, for sure, but this one, not quite. This one called the “Triver,” designed by KIM, employs three separate triangular bit holders and 6 bits. Each of these triangles fits neatly in the side of the handle of the screwdriver OR in the end of the body of the screwdriver where it holds neatly in place one of the bits for use.

Negative side? Looks like the bits might be easy to loose this way.

Plus side? Looks like it uses standard bits, which are cheap.

Plus side? I like how compact the tool gets for storage.

Plus side? I bet it works real spiffy, and if I had one, I’d probably totally use it all the time.

Designer: Dong-gun KIM

[youtube: 605 445]

Triver multiple-headed screwdriver by Dong-gun KIM