Stool with Horns

Let’s talk about this antler stool. It’s called the “Antler Stool,” and it inspires in me a massive flashback. Check this old post out: Extremely Painful Furniture. Notice any similarities? Antlers! Hooray! What’s the difference? These one’s don’t hurt! Hooray! The chair we’re talking about today is also designed by a different designer, namely Kim jiyoun, who tells us that this stool turns any normal man into “Antler-Man” instantly!

Now that’s an amazing guarantee. I mean, furry people should be getting right on this seat as fast as they can, especially if they want to be in the mood for moose.

This chair has many secondary uses, like hanging your hat upon it, for instance, but in the end the main function of this instrument is to inspire a happy emotion in the person on the receiving end, that being the person having a giggle at the person sitting in the seat.

Designer: Ji-youn Kim

Antler Stool by Kim jiyoun