Time Telling Poles of Doom

Actually these poles of doom are known as “Attrito” which is Italian for “friction.” Attrito is designed by Shane Roepe to be time bars indeed, each of them sitting parallel to the other, both of them identifying to you that moment in time you look upon them. Each bar has house and minutes (the minutes being listed in increments of 5) laser etched into the enclosure with an LED backlight. As the enclosure slides over the light, the light shows the time as it is then, precisely.

The bars are symmetrical at mid day. Can you figure it out? It’s really lovely, isn’t it? Blue is the most elegant of futuristic colors, if you ask me, looking just right in this particular design.

For those who love gigantic cleverly displayed timepieces, strictly.

Designer: Shane Roepe

Attrito by Shane Roepe