Wall-clock with built-in task-board lets you be more efficient with your time

Someone should seriously make a whiteboard clock at this point, because this sounds like just a really smart idea. Meet Task Time, a clock with a set of magnets that let you assign tasks at certain times of the day in an incredibly analog way. You don’t need to bust your phone out and access the alarm or the calendar. You don’t need to tell Siri or Google to remind you to do something. Just make a note of it on the Task Time’s legend on the side, and pick up a corresponding magnet and place it on the clock. The colorful magnets become indicators of when you need to start a task, helping you efficiently manage your time in a wonderful low-tech way.

Designer: Dominic

While the Task Time seems like a rather simple idea and an elementary device, it has a great amount of appeal and versatility if you think of its applications. Sure, it makes for a great task clock while at work (even though you’d much rather use an online calendar service) but it also acts as a wonderful educational toy for children, allowing them to learn how to read time. Imagine a Task Time in a school, with different magnets indicating the different periods of the day. The child uses them as visual indicators to help understand how a day is split between story time, playtime, lunchtime, nap time, and home time. The visual dots help make the entire ordeal more interesting and easy to understand too, whether you’re a 6-year old learning how to read a clock or a 30-year old using the Task Time as your personal Pomodoro Timer to help boost your efficiency and productivity!