Thread that Lights Up

Illuminating! LT, look at this! London based textile designer Kathy Schicker’s got a fabulous collection of color changing and light emitting textiles. No joke. Some of them react to sunlight when they see it, some of them react to the absence of it once it’s gone. Color changes in the daytime, color emitting in the night. They’re a matching of textiles, design, scarf wearing and science – pure, fabulous, wonderful science!

The project here Kathy Schicker’s working on is created by weaving smart fibers in with Jacquard textiles or by printing with smart inks. Schicker’s collection is also aimed at high-end fabric for interiors. So probably no scarves yet. Sorry I misled you there. We’ll have to make bootlegs.

Pillows and lampshades, curtains and couches. These are the objects in this collection, and of the TRON of the future. Because you know that’s what I’d be doing with them.

TRONning it up. All night. All day.

These Woven Light fabrics are currently available as bespoke products direct from Schicker. Contact her at her webpage at or go to Puff and Flock!

Designer: Kathy Schicker of Puff and Flock


Woven Light illuminating thread by Kathy Schicker of Puff and Flock