Open Book, Get Chair

Is two posts enough to see a trend? Here’s a book that, when you open it, becomes a seat. Sit on it. It’s called the “Take a Seat” and it’s designed by Darris Hamroun, who more than likely owns more than one bookshelf. This book sits perfectly well up there with the rest of your novels and Star Wars chapterbooks and Teen Beat magazines, then when you want to take a sit, you literally take a book to take a sit. And you sit.

Behold the many configurations of the seat. Behold as it unfolds, look as it unfurls. Whip it around and out and in and through and out and you’ve got your bum a place to bum out on and in. Then when you’re done, just close it on up like nothing happened.


Frame made from solid oak boards and steel hinges, while the seat is “inspired by a book cover, made of fabric and foam.”

Check out the video for movement.

Designer: Darris Hamroun

Take A Seat by Darris Hamroun