Tube Your Wood

If you’ve ever received a poster in the mail, you might know what a heavy-duty paper tube looks and feels like. It’s the same sort of tube that you find inside a roll of toilet paper or wrapping paper, but multiplied to the point of hardness. What designer Seongyong Lee is doing here is the same process but instead or with lots of layers of paper, with few layers of wood. These tubes, made, are then pieced together as furniture!

These wooden “tubed” wood pieces are very light but very strong. They’ve got the long lasting value of plywood but with the tooling and finishing abilities of a much prettier process.

Each bit of furniture here is made as an example of how the tubed wood could be used. All of it apparently is amazingly strong and light. For example, the stool is only 820g in weight and can hold whatever you’d consider a “normal” stool could hold.

BONUS: think of the possibilities of the hole down the middle of the legs of these furniture bits. As Lee suggests, how amazing would it be to have all your cords hidden? Totally amazingly fabulously hidden.

Designer: Seongyong Lee

Plytube by Seongyong Lee