Gorgeous LEGO hot-rod motorcycle features a brick-based V2 engine with moving pistons

Looking about as good as something to come out of a branded LEG Technic set, this black beauty holds the honor of being a purely homegrown, fan-made creation using parts from both LEGO and Technic sets. Although this custom motorcycle doesn’t have a name yet, it’s definitely got a spectacular aesthetic and personality, especially with its stripped-down, bobber-inspired style.

Designer: Pale4

This custom skeletal hot rod comes from the mind of LEGO master builder Pale4, created as a part of the LEGO Ideas forum. As eye-catching as it looks, it’s open for further customizations, like shortening the front fork or making the bike bulkier or more embellished. “I’ve always been a fan of custom motorcycles. Since customizing motorcycles is hugely popular I thought designing one which could be customized by builder after building would be a great set for fans of Lego and Lego Technic”, Pale4 said.

To Pale4’s credit, the bike has a level of detail that I haven’t seen in most Technic kits too. It’s got disc brakes with brake lines connecting all the way to the handlebars, a detailed dashboard, fuel tank, V2 engine, gearbox, and even a functional kickstand to have the bike parked. The black aesthetic definitely feels like a choice that works, and if Pale4 could make the headlamp and taillight work, this would be an absolute winner of a fan-made MOC.

The Custom Motorcycle is at a staggering 1:5 scale, making it pretty big even by LEGO Technic standards. That “makes it a showstopper when displayed”, says Pale4, who’s currently gathered 1683 votes from the LEGO community at the time of writing this article. If they reach the coveted spot of 10,000 votes, the LEGO Ideas team will turn the fan-made MOC into a box-set that anyone can buy and build. Click here to cast your vote!