Top 10 sleek Japanese designs gift guide for those who love minimalism in their everyday life

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place – that is the Japanese philosophy my 2 years living in that country taught me. The level of efficiency, detailed behaviour and organization visible in everyday life in Japan is an almost calming experience. It is that level of eye for details and design ethics that we bring to you in our range of Japanese products. Small yet humble, each product reflects it multifunctional nature that respects the materials used and also respects the user by helping them make the most of every design. Add to it their space-saving nature and minimalism, we are in love with everything here – right from this convention defying screwdriver to the Japanese-lantern inspired candle. Look through this gift guide and I’m sure you will find something for your friends as well as for yourself that is sure to warm your heart this holiday season!

1. All-in-One Screwdriver

This screwdriver won’t screw you over! Aptly named the all-in-one screwdriver, this design comes with 20 bits you’ll need and its unique twisting and spinning mechanism makes it feel like play, rather than tedious work. This movement happens with an innovative ball bearing design that lets your fingers move with ease and the spinner enables the user to easily move the screwdriver when screwing bigger screws. In addition, the hexagon bit holder gives the electric screwdriver the opportunity to take over the movement when needed. The bits are made from Stainless Steel with a Titanium Nitride coating that gives it extra strength. Sleek, minimal and a pleasure to look at – in a world flooded with functional all-in-one screwdrivers, this screwdriver makes a worthy addition to your tool case that not only impresses with its aesthetic but also with its added functionality of the Spinner Wheel when you need some help.

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2. Playful Palm Grater

The concern with kitchen appliances is that they focus on being utilitarian, often forgoing the aesthetics in favour of function. But this palm grater shows us that need not be the case! Looking like a curled paper, this grater may look insignificant, but it works! Be it cheese or vegetables – it grates the object into a fine consistency while the grater fits perfectly into your palm for maximum grip. No need to fumble with slippery handles or have huge graters whose centre gets used up with the edges holding onto the remnants of grated food. Simple, minimal and easy to clean – this is a grater you will proudly show off on your countertop.

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3. All-in-One-Grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have an all-in-one tool to cook all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re barbecuing, frying, grilling, steaming, smoking, or just cooking a hearty stew, this modular grill has all the parts you need to cook a masterchef-worthy meal outdoors with your family. There’s even a special module to warm your bottles upright – perfect to get your mulled wine warm and toasty! The grill lets you experiment with the kind of cooking you want – you don’t have to be stuck with simple packaged food while camping. Given its tiny size, this grill sits on any table whereas the attention to detail on the design show the thought put into this Japanese design.

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4. Battery-free Aroma Diffuser

Our sense of smell is one of the primary sensory experience that people draw on to relax. With air quality being in the dump in general this year, this aroma-diffuser helps their eco-friendly users truly relax with the lack of batteries. Meet the battery-free Aroma Diffuser – a minimal design that uses the heat from a carefully shielded candle that generates enough electrical power to turn the fan and helps spread the aroma of your choice. The transparent design of the aroma diffuser adds to the magic of the mystery while watching the candle’s flame can add to the overall meditative experience. Made from recyclable materials, this is a truly thoughtful design that keeps your entire experience sustainable.

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5. Gravity Pen

This tradition defying pen challenges the notions set up by mass produced pen manufactures for years – instead of focusing on the ease of manufacturing, it focuses on the ease of writing for users. Made from lightweight aluminium, the pen is designed with a lower centre of mass, which means better grip an overall elevated writing experience. A lot of high end pens also come with a heavy back – the section opposite the nib is heavy, causing you to lift the nib and make the writing experience more difficult. The grip of the pen is intentionally larger than the barrel giving a more comfortable hold and it’s faceted design makes it easy to hold for longer durations with ease!

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6. Scissors w/Base

You know the frantic struggle we face when we need something opened up – be it your long awaited Amazon package or just that packet of chips you’ve been eyeing for a while. Scissors have a tendency to disappear just when you need them the most…until now! Designed to be displayed proudly, this 2-in-1 design is a scissor and a box-cutter in a minimal package that stands tall. Made from Japanese stainless steel with a black Teflon coating, the scissors stands on a milled aluminum base. The base is magnetic, ensuring the scissor can be kept upright and keep the scissor easily accessible when needed. Visually, the scissor cuts an impressive figure with its all black look and wide shape and a small extension that makes the box cutter almost seamless in design. This one is for showcasing!

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7. AirTag Carabiner

When Apple launched AirTags, it was the solution a lot of us were waiting for, while also answering the permanent question of where are my keys! The AirTag gets a more rugged, carry-friendly version with this Carabiner. A simple accessory that takes your precious Apple accessory to the next level, attach this stylish metal carabiner to your purse, keys, bags, bikes or even umbrellas! It is made from Duralumin composite alloy – a material suitable for use in aircrafts, spaceships and even boats! When you buy an accessory like AirTags, you know its not a possession you will forget about. Rather its something you cherish and use it to track the objects you value – and that is exactly why the AirTag Carabiner comes in use – its a precious to hold your precious.

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8. Hanging Desk Organizer

Say a goodbye to cluttered desk with this hanging desk rack – a genius organizer that lets you stow away your spare pens, notebooks, hang your keys and even store your charging cable. The system is magnetic which makes the design modular so you can organise as you wish. The rack is held in place with a nano suction tape – making it easy to stick, remove and relocate. The installation-free design makes the entire process mess-free, because the one thing you don’t want is to add clutter to your desk while installing your desk organizer. The rack also comes with accessories you can stick to streamline your setup – the cable holder sticks magnetically and keeps your cable accessible and away from you until you need it. The pin can be used to stick small notes and is strong enough to have keys, lanyards or even your phone on it. And lastly, a hook at the back of the organizer keeps your bag floor-free until you’re ready to pack up for the day!

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9. Japanese Lantern Candle

The one thing I hate about buying expensive candles is that once they are over, there is no way around it but to get rid of the remnants. To put it simply, this is a pillar-shaped candle but the beauty begins once the candle starts burning – the more it burns, it turns into a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern. This happens with the use of 2 different grades of waxes – one on the inside, which burns the way a normal candle would and another on the outside which retains the shape. The hollow shell mimics the effects of a lantern by diffusing the light that passes through it. The  material used for the outer shell is a patented non-melting wax – hence it collects the wax as it melts. In fact, we can even hold the candle in our hands while it is burning and have no hot wax drip onto your hand. Providing almost 60 hours of burn time, this candle is one for keeping.

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10. Ceramic Cup

Winter is coming…and along with it the joy of holding a warm cup of coffee or chocolate on a cold frosty morning. To amplify this feeling, we bring you this ceramic mug with its earthy tone and a wooden handle that is designed to be a treat for your fingers holding it. From the first sip you take, the interaction is actually between your skin, the beverage and the mug – which is one factor we omit to include in our drinking experience but this minimal mug has you covered. The cup meets your lips in a soft touch, given the materials and the mug’s design. The mug is made using quality Japanese ceramic and the quality is reflected in your tactile experience with holding and drinking from the mug. The aesthetic of the mug gives the look of cast iron, which may shock the user when they find out its ceramic and warm. Sipping your beverage with all your focus on it is a humbling experience and this mug lets natural elements be a part and elevate this daily experience.

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11. Quick-Access Organizer

A minimal holder that may look simple, but holds all your essentials with a fun little magnetic twist – that’s what this Quick Access Organizer brings to us. What do we need on a daily basis? Our keys, earbuds, pens, glasses and wallet, all of which can be fit into this tiny holder. The organizer uses a magnetic rotating mechanism, allowing you to swivel the lid easily (actually making it the most fun aspect of this entire design) and drop the contents easily into its place. And the best part is, it enforces the habit of looking at the same place for items you need without getting the entire family involved in helping you find it!

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