Ford Goes Holistic

Cheaper, Better, Greener. No, that’s not the studio notes for the new Shrek movie. It’s Ford’s latest directive for their new START concept that brings back their keep-it-simple design roots. The Beijing International Auto Show was the stage for Ford’s unveiling of what promises to be a healthy exercise in green dreaming. Built from a combination of hybrid aluminum/high strength steel, the START keeps weight down without sacrificing safety. The body panels are made from deformable, pre-colored recyclable composites, eliminating the need for Earth damaging paints. The Ford START Concept showcases a future 1.0-litre EcoBoost three-cylinder petrol engine that delivers a CO2 rating under 100 g/km. Ford is keeping it simple this time around while drawing styling inspiration from the original Porsche 356 Speedster and an Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ. “The concept of simplicity can be found all around us,” a Ford spokesperson explains. “Endearing designs in architecture, home furnishings, appliances, transportation, or even a good screenplay are often similar in one respect – simplicity. Our vision was to look at a small car holistically, like slicing through an onion where every layer gave meaning, function, and substance to the next. As in nature, taking this approach creates beautiful, endearing objects.”

Designer: Ford