This low-slung Nike hot rod concept radiates Air Max vibe covered in camouflage-patterned skin

The innovative pair of Nike Air Max shoes employ pressurized air in a durable, flexible membrane for lightweight cushioning. This feature is a result of years of R&D and Nike’s passion for creating the best activewear shoes there could ever be.

Hot rod cars are made with the same automotive passion by motorheads who often like to tune them for power and of course distinct looks. While in the real world, these two contrasting worlds would never fuse, in the concept realms nothing is impossible. You already know we are heading, don’t you?

Designer: Julien Fesquet

Meet the Nike Hot Rod that adopts most of the Nike Air’s form and if you already see glimpses of those iconic midsoles in this drag racer, you’re not alone. Adopting the structure of a lifestyle sneaker the boxy yet sharp hot rod gets a camoflauge-patterned skin. Futuristic angled silhouettes take precedence here, breaking the notion of a hot rod only having voluptuous curves. While the ride is fit for a Cyberpunk 2077 world (if there ever is a remake) it still holds merit for the current era of vehicles. Just stop by for a while and appreciate those engine valves poking out of the hood, shaped like an edgy Nixie tube trio!

The ultra-low riding position carrying the flair of a track racer, this Nike Air Max-themed hot rod more than meets the eye. Those front hollow wheels doubled on the rear piqued interest, showing off the Nike branding on the inside, lit in amber LEDs. The steering wheel on this hot rod adopts a similar sharp aesthetic of the exterior and carries the authoritative futuristic element. On the rear, the Nike hot rod gets a large detachable bag to store all the adventure gear for a weekend escapade. Also don’t count out its off-roading capabilities, even though the ride height is a bit low. That however could be juxtaposed by a set of large aftermarket set of wheels.