Keep on Workin, Keep on Liftin

Designer Kimsungi has done it! Finally, my very own lift-me-up system I can roll around myself! This is one of those things I wish for but don’t really expect to reach fruition. The video below shows it in perfect clarity- a few clicks, openings, and closings, and you’ve turned what appeared to be a giant rolling suitcase into your very own lifting work stand!

Get super high on this. Sungi added the brand WORX because it seemed like a rather good fit. I’m sure if you’re a manufacturer of muscle tools like this and would like to have it produced by you instead, you could ask Kim and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Check out the easy to access plugs: electricity and air- very helpful if you’re using one of those fantastic air-nailers. Love em. Simple-to-use controller accessible by the person being lifted, move back and forth, up and down. Rubber flooring, uneven surface for non-falling action.

Made for simple packing, movement, and help in the works.

I want one! Don’t even do construction work anymore and I’d be apt to purchase.

BONUS: see below for an awesome photo of Kim and a 1/2 scale final mock-up!

Designer: Sungi Kim

Work-Lift by Sungi Kim







  • R says:

    I like this. The only thing that could be added (and should) is an all-around fence, since this machine goes up in the air and right now “allows” people from slipping or falling of the base where one stands.

    Otherwise, it is a nice new thinking of the standard lifter. Maybe alittle bit to many transformer movements until it can actually be used, but cool as a concept.

  • Paul says:

    Is this product available? I need 50 of these…

  • Do your math, the leggs are way too small in span for where the center of gravity will be with that thing even 1/2 up. If the legs are built of steel in the size shown they will break with even a small child on the unit.

  • aweor says:

    very cool design

  • RED_404 says:

    Nice concept but you can buy stilts for $100 to $400 on Amazon or rent from a local shop for less

  • Paul says:

    I actually do not need it to lift a body… LCD removal.

  • Ypls says:

    So clever!

  • Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this website needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the information!

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