Bus Handles as Fine Music Power

Power up! While you’re jamming on down 1st Avenue, swinging from the bus poles on those hangers they’ve got there, what kind of power are you generating? I mean other than your body heat (everyone knows this is a whole lot of energy due to The Matrix, of course.) But what about that swing power? What about your whole body weight pulling down on that pole? We’ll whatddya know, here’s a project dealing with just that. It’s the “More+” bus handle and it’s going to power you up to Crazy Town.

Crazy Town is where you go when you’re jamming on music so hard that you just up and lose your mind. It’s a great place to be. You can GET THERE if you use these handles. Or at least if you’re at the end of the pole. Get plugged in! Piezoelectric ceramics technology makes this possible, sending all the power back to the bus where it can be redistributed to the passengers via power plugs for radio, television, chargers, or the lighting on the bus. Electricity!

Designer: Junjie Zhang

More+ Bus Handle for power generation by Junjie Zhang