One Person Camper APE

Do you know about the Piaggio APE 50? It’s the cutest little three wheeled vehicle you’ll ever set your eyes on. Do you love camping? How about totally on your own? How about camping totally on your own inside an APE? The project you’re about to set your eyes on is called the “Bufalino,” and it’s a one-person camper using the APE 50 as its platform. Made for absolute flexibility, the Bufalino contains all the elements needed for living. Only the engine, frame, chasis, and parts of the cab were kept perfectly APE.

The APE is a unique vehicle in that it is exempt from taxes in some countries because of its extremely economical working nature. It is also allowed in certain metropolitan areas that larger cars are not. It uses only a tiny amount of gas. It’s super cute.

Inside the Bufalino you’ll find a bed, two seatings, a cooking zone, basin, relatively lots of storage, a refrigerator, and more.

Designer: Cornelius Comanns


  • J says:

    Apparently the designer Cornelius Comanns is seeking a manufacturer, and if that happens, the vehicle will first be sold in Europe with hopefully some trickle over to U.S. and hopefully, Canada.

    Wish we could contact someone to let them know of the demand.

  • Luisa says:

    Where can I buy one of those??? Love it!!!

  • Luisa says:

    And for two persons??? It is possible???

  • Sally says:

    You join a nationwide gym, shower at the Y, use the shower facilities at the campground where you’re staying, etc.

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