Guessing Game Of The Month

What do you think this is? Hint….literally speaking it keeps the doctor away, but what it holds is a pot full of paradise!

Apple Teapot! That’s what this is! A radical re design in the teapot sector. Why? Because filled to the brim teapots can get heavy, and old people and young-ones will enjoy the pivot-roll action this one offers. No ill-spills and contemporary art on your kitchen counter – how cool is that?

Designer: Sungkuk Park

Apple Teapot by Sungkuk Park




  • Sean says:

    The cork base seems clumsy. I don’t see why you wouldn’t just make the apple base flat where the cork would go (or even put cork on the bottom for traction). The roll and pour action would be preserved as far as I can tell.

  • Jon says:

    the base would help to keep the heat or dripping liquids off the table

  • frezzingaces says:

    thats great until it rolls off the table and smashes

  • Yuuta says:

    Kids and possibly seniors should not be handling hot water filled pots anyway.

    Is this pot never supposed to move from it’s spot on the table? There doesn’t seem to be handle you can carry it by when it’s filled. If so then this pot is useless for practical use, when eating with family teapots are regularly passed around. If you tell me you can carry it by the stem handle… well I’ll be too scared to try.

    • sung kuk says:

      thank you for your opinion this pot’s concept is part for family when we drink some tea some people ask for passing the pot so i think that if you made something pot center on the table we can share it easily and change the rocation in front of our so we have not to move the teapot we just moved our cup’s did you see that the kids moved the teapot? i think it is particural case .. thanks.

  • SoonWon says:

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  • SoonWon says:

    박성국디자이너님 제가 영어가 미숙하여 한글로 남깁니다.
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