Bedroom Designs to inspire you with the best interior design ideas!

A bedroom is a space you retire to at the end of the day. It is your happy space – where you come to and want to feel a sense of calm to help you recharge for the next day – or at least that is what it is supposed to be! Given our cramped spaces and hectic times, bedrooms are no longer sacred. But that doesn’t mean we can’t aspire and have bedroom goals to rival the best of Instagram! The bedroom designs showcased here today are modern, elegant, minimal and most of all give you the detachment and escapism from our daily grind and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Every bedroom deserves its privacy, after all, it is the place where you can let yourself be. Vasyl Ambroziak’s bedroom visualization gives you this privacy but without the boring walls! Using a glass wall to partition between the bedroom and the raw concrete exterior wall, Vasyl adds an explosion of green in place of a boring old wallpaper. In fact, as the plants change with the season, you get a unique backdrop and of course the calmness of being surrounded by such a green space. Isn’t it perfectly zen?

While the previous design pays homage to everything green, this design by Matts Miliaukas respects the earthy shades. Using muted shades of stone grey, the highlight of this room is the lava-like backlit wall, making this room perfect for anyone who prefers a darker color scheme. The aesthetics of this design bring to mind a lair or a covered room that highlights your nocturnal nature.

Mostafa Hardani⁣’s bedroom design plays up textural elements to create focal points. The wooden highlight wall behind the bed is lit up and the beautiful minimal lighting lets the wooden texture do all the talking. Not to forget the vertical green wall adds some natural purification to the room, helping you sleep better.

A high vaulted ceiling, a wooden pedestal that stretches up to the ceiling in an unbroken line, and the subtle light underneath the bed – this bedroom interior by Taras Kaminskiy & Veronika Mulieieva named Urban Jungle has tranquility. The light under the bed makes the bed almost levitate, inducing a calming effect the moment you step into this room, draining away all your worries.

The thrill of a floating bed! Stephen Tsymbaliuk’s use of this floating bed amplifies the airy/spacious feeling that is the key element of this bedroom design. The open walk-in closet behind the darkened glass adds a modern touch whereas the trees creating a backdrop behind the bed amplify the feeling of floating up between the trees.

Philipp Pablitschko’s shot of this bedroom surrounded by nature is the first on my post-quarantine travel bucket list! Almost magical in its aesthetic, the vertically slanting windows on the sides of this bed create the drama and escapism we all are surely craving after being stuck in this urban jungle during quarantine!

White is one of the most difficult colors to achieve visual contrast with, but designer Nazar Tsymbaliuk uses textured walls to achieve this difference and harmony. The project is named Gloria and located in Greece, the interior complements the traditional white and blue color scheme that the traditional Greek architecture is renowned for.

Polyviz Visualization Studio created this render using leather to add a touch of ruggedness to this bedroom. From the headboard to the base of the bed, the dark brown leather upholstery creates the perfect setup on which to accent your bedroom.

Designed for an apartment in Iceland, designer Stephen Tsymbaliuk’s textured wall looks almost alive with its dynamic 3D pattern. The floating bed, muted bathtub, minimal design – all come together to create an ideal bachelor pad for the modern man.

Nazar Tsymbaliuk uses an almost Japanese inspired aesthetic with wooden slats to create a partition as well as highlight this bedroom design. Using a platform to elevate the floor bed, there is a peaceful aesthetic flowing through this bedroom, inspiring inner peace.

Seeing these designs, we can’t help but bring out our notepad and get inspired to make changes to our current setup – after all, what’s the point of all this time to ourself if we can’t use it to get ourselves come out better on the other side of the post corona world!