You Can Not Escape Watch

Look at that face. That’s a face you cannot escape. Looks like of like a labyrinth doesn’t it? Actually it’s based more around the swinging of the Earth around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth, and the bird flying around my head. GET OUTTA HERE YA BIRD! And it looks so nice! It’s got no numbers, no hands, but it’s got a time about it, doesn’t it? Look at it for a moment, and you’ll see quite easily how you’re gonna know where you are in this continuum. And decide you must, how to serve yourself best: black leather or steel mesh!

It’s called the “Free Time Watch!” Each of the 3 concentric circles has a different rotation, the center telling the seconds, the middle the minutes, and the outer ring of course then telling the hours.

And if you take it all apart and put it in some lenses, you could make x-ray specs! Also take a look at the rest of the Projects watches, they’re hip!

Designer: Projects Design [ Buy it Here, Free Time Watch is available for $100 @ YD Store ]


Free Time Watch is available for $100 @ YD Store