Save Your Gum, Make A Flower

One of my peeves is seeing people spit out their gum onto the sidewalk. Like HELLO! I see you and that is so wrong. Designer Jung-taek Choi noticed people are more willing to dispose of their gum properly if it’s part of a fun activity, so he created the Gum Flower. The wrapper is actually a piece of origami waiting to be folded, providing a neat little cup for your used gum.

Designer: Jung-taek Choi


  • Nacon says:

    Nice idea… but, people are too lazy anyway… it’s pointless.

  • paul sandip says:

    people who spit gum are the ones who throw away the wrapper first…how does this help?!

  • Bree says:

    I like the idea. I don’t know if it will stop the gum spitting on the sidewalks, but I still think it’s pretty rad!

  • kate says:

    good idea..!

  • Great idea, but i doesn’t think it will bring down the number og used gums on the sidewalks.

  • sergio says:

    i like this idea its so awsome im gonna tell all my friends

  • mx says:

    this is so not gonna work

  • Eric says:

    Really good try, great idea, however not enough people will ever do this to make an impact on gum littering, I’m afraid it wont leave this site…

  • eric says:

    how is it ecoactivist? by using more paper to make a flower ? beside, i am so tired that designer want to make everything beautiful, look at the trash can, tell me where did you ever see a trash can like that, so clean, and white. sometime ugly is beautiful as well.

  • Lycan says:

    majority of the origami in the trash can is not even the same as the product of the folding patterns…as said before, wrappers are the first to be littered so this idea would be more fantasy than practical.

  • lily says:

    I think this would b fun and good at the same time thats my opinion idk about u guys

  • lily says:

    I think this would b fun and good at the same time thats my opinion idk about u guys

  • ????? says:


  • ????? says:


  • JaZzY says:

    OW, hi everyone how are you all????

  • JaZzY says:

    I want to makke a flower but its difficult!! 🙁

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