Drafting Tools for the Serious Designer

Though traditional drafting is a dying art, it is a common experience that many designers can trace to the beginning of their careers. This collection celebrates how these tools are not just products of engineering, but design objects in their own right. These objects were developed with focuses on quality engineering, usability and placement as premium objects. The elements of each piece are united through a common visual language, while each tool also reflects its unique function.

Designer: Philip de los Reyes


  • Tom says:

    Like it a lot, would like to have these. Wow, what a awesome tribute to drafting utils!! Great work

  • WZhangID says:

    I think I love the brush the most.

  • teik says:

    woah ! i want to buy these ! make it happen i want them!!! how much!?

  • delo says:

    For me, the brush is ok.

  • shushpo says:

    imho the compass is not very convinient to use, cuz when you use it, you should see the end of the needle and the slate pencil to place them in the right point
    but because of the design that you can see here, it is hardly possible

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