A Pod for a Baby

I believe Superman would approve. I’m reminded of the pod he was sent to Earth in, from the advanced, sci-fi world of Krypton on over to the violent, unkept world of Earth. That little baby Superman had to be kept safe at all costs, even the amount of money it cost to by a flying baby pod. Well check it out. You don’t need space-bucks to buy into this deal. It’s called the “Baby Cot Pod,” and it’s got handles and smoothness.

It has an organic shape. Podlike. Optional hood, two grab handles, and a retractable carry handle. On the bottom can be attached a removable perforated base, inside is a full padded lining, and all is supported by a folding plastic/wooden trestle frame.

Designer: Shaun Milburn and PER Design

Baby Cot Pod by Shaun Milburn and PER Design