These wooden WFH accessories help declutter your desk while giving it a personality

Carved presumably from rosewood, the Forest Tidy is a set of neat containers and stands that bring a level of organization to your workspace while tying into the wooden nature of the furniture around your house. By splitting your workspace belongings into different categories, the Forest Tidy organizational kit gives you space for stationery, tech, EDC, cables, and even a dedicated stand for your monitor along with a stowaway space for your keyboard and mouse.

Designers: Yibo Dai, Bo Le, Yu Liu, and Qi Ping

The containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailor-made to your tabletop belongings. Smaller bowls are perfect for clips, pins, SD cards, and other small items, while elongated containers let you put pens, pencils, scissors, and other items. The monitor stand comes with two semicircular holding areas on each side, and a long slot for a pencil on the front. There’s even a dedicated phone stand that lets you dock your phone either in portrait or landscape. Unfortunately, the phone stand doesn’t come with a channel for a cable pass-through, which means it won’t function as a charging stand. However, you can plug your phone in when kept in landscape mode.

When spread out, the Forest Tidy gives you a comprehensive collection of trays and bowls to keep your items, although if you’re more minimally inclined, the objects can stack one upon another to consolidate your belongings without the added clutter. For added flair, the rosewood containers are also accented with golden details like labels and leg-pegs, giving them a wonderful aesthetic that’s well-suited for any WFH setup (or even an office one!)

The Forest Tidy is a Bronze Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.