Rest Your Feet, Not Your Mind


Walking through a gallery can be exhausting on the feet – constantly walking, constantly watching. We’ve all been there when finding a bench can feel like an oasis but let’s be real, it’s lonely just sitting there on your own with people walking by. Not with TILT. TILT slopes like an unbalanced teeter-totter when a single user perches on it – in other words, it doesn’t work unless you sit with someone else — and that’s exactly the point.

Newly launched San Francisco industrial design firm Level Design just created TILT, a stunning, modern seesaw-meets-bench experience where equilibrium is only achieved when sitting with another. Inspired by a recent IDSA and AIGA gallery competition, the crew at Level Design developed this gorgeous bench – comprised of 400 pounds of gradient-layered cement that’s molded into a fulcrum and balanced on a point. The competition itself sought messages of togetherness and hope (in the wake of our political climate) and TILT does just that.

From a visual standpoint, it’s almost a gallery piece in itself, stealing the glance of every passer-by – the layering and polished concrete surface, with it’s rounded corners and harsh top edge makes this piece really appeasing. From a deeper understanding, TILT brings the element of togetherness and hope it set out to achieve – creating relationships and developing conversation around action. The message it sends out is beautifully simple a job well done by the Level Design team.

Designer: Level Design