Helmets for Your Brainskull

How many helmets does it take to protect a brainskull? One. One helmet is going to save your life one day. It’s the difference between a hard skull and a soft one, and I think you know what I’m trying to say. But I know you’re also concerned with fashion. Fashion over death, we live in that world, make no mistake. So even though these helmets aren’t made exclusively to make your head look nice, they’ve got that going for them too!

They’re made for the protection of your head AND the protection of your coolness. What you see below may seem like three different helmets, but they’ve all basically got the same thing going for them. Each of the three is designed smart enough to look great being worn in any number of situations, and with all that flat real-estate up there, you could paint, sticker, etch, anything into the helmet to make it look real nice.

But they didn’t say that, I did. Not sure if etching would void the warrantee, perhaps. But I’d do it anyway.

Designer: Stefan Wallmann

Several Sports Helmets by Stefan Wallmann