All the Canes in All The World

And this is EASILY the best one ever. Best possible cane. Why? Because it’s made out of a broom handle. That’s right! What better use is there, besides stabbing zombies in their utterly exposed brain matter, for a broom?! None. It goes zombie stabbing, Walking Cane designed by Itay Laniado, then maybe cleaning up the floor. That’s in order of what’s best to do with a broom, not the order you’re supposed to use the broom in. Then it’s just the opposite.

I’m sorry this post turned so quickly into a zombie instructional monolog, but there are certain things people are going to have to know when the invasion comes. Actually, when you think about it, these are the kind of canes we’ll almost certainly be using years after the hoard of zombies has subsided. It’s really a DIY cane, easy to construct, great for war-stricken areas and 3rd or 4th or 5th world areas.

Designer: Itay Laniado

Walking Cane made out of a broom handle by Itay Laniado