A Bike for Ye Young Adults

From the deepest streets of the sidewalks of intelligence and smart thinking comes this! A bike for the ages. Literally made for the ages between 10 years and 15 years – for kids who are of bike riding age. It is of common knowledge that it’s a strange time for kids of any of those ages, especially when bike riding comes around to petal. Let’s take a look at this particular solution and keep our butts in the right place.

In those years between the big ten and the teening years, I must say there are enough weird things to worry about for a child. Having a bike that does not fit their bottom well, that’s just too much!

Every bottom is different, and every body is different, even when they’ve got a bike that’s supposed to fit their height. That’s the problem these folks aim to figure. This bike, also called the “Big Eye Cruiser,” is designed to accompany these younglings over the years, fitting them perfectly at every stage of growth.

The frame stretches horizontally, while the angle of the frame determines the height. The handlebar is adapted to this thustly, while fine-tuning is done by moving the saddle backward and forward.

Designers: Claudia Baer, Anna Wiesinger, Marlene Klausner

Bike 10 to 15 for those young adults in that range by Claudia Baer, Anna Wiesinger, Marlene Klausner