This multilevel breeding yacht is a responsible leisure vessel for fish culture

For decades now, a yacht is considered a symbol of wealth and the most lavish living on the seas. Only a few enjoy the luxury of owning such an exotic watercraft to enjoy intoxicating life on the waters. As we head into the future, these play toys of the rich and the famous will evolve into something that’ll be more of a private sanctuary for fish culture. After all, we are becoming more conscious than ever about the way we exist on the planet.

Not to forget the leisure and entertainment aspect, the swanky multifunctional breeding yacht powered by solar energy will come with its own underwater deck for exploration of the mesmerizing underwater life like never before on a yacht. The craft is specifically made for enjoying the sun and the surrounding landscape for its owners. This is possible with sweeping multilevel decks.

Designer: Yu Hancheng

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The bottom one is an expansive leisure area with open sitting spaces sheltered by the upper deck’s roof, as well, as open ones on the rear which brings one closer to nature than ever before. The deck above this one has multilevel seating like in a cathedral, and bang in the middle is a gorgeous transparent floor swimming pool which gives a clear view of the deck below. At an elevated position above this one is a small encircling deck for a bird’s eye view.

Most importantly, the section under the water level shows the other dimension of this vessel. Fish that are losing their breeding grounds and as a result declining in numbers will be cultured here to bring balance to the aquatic life. Species like Tuna, Salmon, large yellow croaker, or others will all be cultured below this yacht’s visible limits. Keeping in mind the deteriorating ocean life owing to human-induced climate change and water pollution, vessels like the multifunctional breeding yacht will be crucial in the future.