Advance Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

Thinking caps on because this takes some imagination to digest. The HMK 561 is a carbon fiber bike with special electrical properties that hold power right inside the frame. Carbon fiber is highly conductive so the designer uses it as a power distribution network instead of  wires. The power drives the lights and the motors in between the rims but get this… there’s regenerative braking. All that energy drives a system that turns the wheels using a counter-turning axel in lieu of gears and chains. Far fetched? No, because there’s already a prototype.

Designer: Ralf Kittmann

hmk 561 Ultralight Motorbike by Ralf Kittmann






  • Jerry O'Leary says:

    As far As I can see this friction drive has to bear against only ene of the rear wheels in order for it to work. and yeah, this is a visual model, not a prototype.

  • mif991 says:

    The designer thinks we are stupid and won’t catch the non-sense.

    • MASSIVE BIKES says:

      what are u talking about!!!
      obviously its a downhill bike!!!

      look at the head tube angle, with no trail
      the -90mm dropdown
      and the amazing chair, with rear suspension

      ffs, ppl ave been making bike for over a 100 years
      why do we need 2 see this?
      why do ppl that don’t understand whats wrong need to see this and ask why it not for sale?


  • I think the term here is mock-up, not prototype because I don’t by that is a ride-able workable unit and that’s what a prototype is a functioning first article. The tires in the closeup look more like painted plastic than rubber. I also really don’t like friction drives are so problematic, dirt, water, road oils all add up to huge losses.

  • Jerry O'Leary says:

    As far As I can see this friction drive has to bear against only ene of the rear wheels in order for it to work. and yeah, this is a visual model, not a prototype.

  • yeah says:

    it’s ridable if you’re a miget

  • Steve says:

    While I think it looks cool, as a former bike mechanic I have to say this is 98% form and 2% function.

  • lest we forget that a bike is steered by leaning, that will be damn hard with dual wheels.

  • malik says:

    naysayers… you make a better bike instead of bitching about someone who’s innovating

    • mif991 says:

      Malik. If people want to post their designs here, they are fair game for criticism. If you cannot take criticism then do not post. If you understand engineering, you would immediately tell the drivetrain as described in the fourth image is not feasible, and if we do not criticize the design, you will never learn. You must understand we are the customer and we demand damn good products.

      • malik says:

        why do you insinuate i’m a designer too? i’m just posting my thoughts on ‘critics’ like “the designer thinks we’re stupid” and “it’s ridable if you’re a midget”

        if you don’t try things differently than the way they are, you’ll never innovate.

        i’m not saying you’re right, you’re not; i just want to point out that people are easily tempted to say something won’t work, the ipod for example?

        find me one design or concept on this blog that has no naysayer comments…

        • mif991 says:

          I don’t need to point out great designs here. Plenty do get great reviews. You seem to imply some of us are against innovation which is crap. Some people just cannot differentiate between fantasy and real innovation, I guess.

    • dc says:

      do better if you can

  • John says:

    When I first saw this concept i was reminded of the Chrysler Tomohawk motorcycle. Though it would impress with its appearance it would appear that the front wheels may require more effort to turn. With dual wheels front and back, your’re increasing the complexity of the design & the number of parts, thus costs to build/buy & its maintenance. Also the wheel spokes number and positioning appears to be less structurally sound.

  • Alienzexist says:

    People, stop designing bikes if you are not a bike enthusiast. There are so many new bike designs from people who dont even understand the basics of bicycle function, geometry, and mechanics. Its no longer a bicycle with four wheels, and how do you expect to ride this thing outside of your imagination? It looks so heavy. Dont call it a prototype if its just a mock-up. We all know this will not work. Stop please.

  • Michaelc says:

    I am guessing there is a really good reason that there is a good reason there is a still photo rather than a youtube video.

    Being a designer of stuff like bikes means your design actually needs to work well, not just look pretty. I would bet money this is a nightmare to ride.

  • SkyWay says:

    This pisses me off to no extend…I don’t have any kind of an education to back my words, but I’ve got a 3D software and my plain common sense that tells me the “designer” really thought only how it would “look cool”

    Hey, it took me fifteen minutes to make that, le gasp!

    Now the designer might make a snappy comeback and invent a flexible twin hub for the wheels…not. If you lean, you break the wheels, if you turn, you break the wheels and by the way : if you do anything on top of this you’ll be more likely to crash and hit your face than look “cool”

    Then the ride-position, a challenge to the designer : think about what the words “center of gravity” mean and then think why it’s usually lower when you want stability. Think. Also, making a working prototype that’s being ridden on before flaunting pictures is good too.

    If you turn the frame counterclockwise 90 degrees you’ll see what he/she really intended people to see in this…(hint, it’s a capital letter)

    • Feniks says:

      I dont read all coment. Possible somebody allready see another problem. This bike is perfect for picking and trowing stones or other garbage from carriageway. But yes, looks atractive.

  • that is really cool. but the whole electric bike thing never really worked in my mind. i guess i dont bike long enough distances.

  • guss says:

    Is Fantastic

  • Like a previous commenter said, it just looks to uncomfy!
    Technical ideas, prototypes and designs are all and good, but as it is at the moment, it is a totally impractical bike. It’s a bit like an Apple laptop. Looks good, costs alot, doesn’t deliver much.

    I like the idea of the motors in side that power the lights though.
    Are there any YouTube videos of this yet?

  • ziffle says:

    in the immortal words of Douglas Adams: "Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like a cow."

  • ziffle says:

    in the immortal words of Douglas Adams: “Looks like a fish, moves like a fish, steers like a cow.”

  • Juanita du Toit says:

    Do you have agents around Cape Town, Sout Africa?

    Where can I inspect an example?

    What do these bikes cost?

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