This electric car platform lets you easily convert your vintage automobile into an EV

Imagine being able to run your old, gas-guzzling car on a new, electric platform. It could be a vintage, a discontinued model, hell, it could be a Humvee, and all you’d need would be to pick up the old car’s body and interiors and place them on the mechanical base of an electric car. That’s sort of the promise Zero Labs is making with its electric platform. Designed to be universal and customizable, the Zero Labs Platform is an electric base that can fit under the body of virtually any existing car, turning it instantly electric.

Think of Zero Labs’ Platform as basically an electric skateboard. It comes with a base fitted with all the electrical components, a battery, and four wheels. Designed with an adjustable wheelbase and ride height, independent front and rear suspension, modular battery system, a 600HP dual-motor drive, regenerative breaking, the Platform can be customized to fit under any car. The car would need to be prepared for this transition, by ditching everything under the hood and hooking the steering controls and dashboard to the new electric drivetrain. The car would then be mounted onto its new platform and lo and behold, you’ve got yourself an old dog with new tricks… or as Zero Labs like to call it, “the Past, powered by the Future”.

The Platform proposes a very interesting way to recycle and repurpose classic, vintage designs while being emissions-free. By allowing you to simply upgrade your existing car, the Platform practically circumvents planned obsolescence, allowing you to continue using your old car, but just with new inner mechanics. Designed as the world is grappling with an emissions crisis, the Platform creates a system that allows cars to go electric. Unlike companies that are launching new electric versions of existing models, the Platform provides a way to simply upgrade the older cars without having to invest in new ones! Now I bet that’s REALLY good for the environment!

Designer: Zero Labs