Lawn Mower Scooter

The title and images say it all. Mowing lawns suck. It’s a back breaking and boring task unless you have a riding mower. But for those of us with small yards, the Lawn Mower Scooter is aces. The electric motor drives the blades and scooter. All the cuttings are stored in a transparent bin in the front. I’m already imagining weekend lawn mower races with my neighbors.

Designer: Vicky Petihovski





Lawnmower Scooter by Vicky Petihovski


  • That guy says:

    Language Fail!

    You should learn to write! What you type makes now sense. How about you use a language that you actually speak instead of writing stuff like “simple and intuatlre use, the mower contains a small windows which allows to see the grass that already has been lawned(…)”

    • mif991 says:

      Take it easy That Guy, your “Language Fail” is not good grammar either. Lets take it easy on those who struggle with the english language and try to focus on the design, shall we? I do not like this toy looking mower because it might attract a small kid to try to run it, God forbid they’ll try to get it going…

      • That guy says:

        By all means I do not consider my self a grammar nazi, I do not mind wrong spelling or unfinished senten….

        However I feel it is a shame that a design, regardless of it’s usefulness, when presented so esthetically pleasing is sullied by a complete lack of textual clarity.

        It would be far better for the designer to explain the product in their mother tongue and let the yanko team explain the idea in english.

        • mif991 says:

          Well I agree that designers could do a better job with their text and presentation, but some are good designers with limited resources, while some have limited design ability with great salesmanship and rendering techniques. So it is what it is.

    • jessie says:

      you don´t have to be rude! take it easy…

      • That guy says:

        no offense intended, but be true to your native language, you made such beautiful visuals stick with that, don’t try to please foreign overlords 😉

    • pulkepop says:

      And speaking of “language fail”, if you’re a native english speaker, you should know that “…makes now sense” is wrong. I think you wanted to say “…makes NO sense”.

      Even me, a native spanish speaker knows that basic english stuff.

      • That guy says:

        calmate pendecho! I am a native german speaker! Never ever anywhere anyhow claimed I was a native english speaker.

        So fail to you! go join ETA and do something usefull

        • pulkepop says:


          Not only people from Spain speak spanish, little close minded german. There are about 21 countries speaking spanish natively or officially.

          And by the way, it’s “cálmate pendejo”, please. For all of you not knowing, “pendejo” means asshole, stupid or anything similar.


        • Stunned says:

          Wow! That guy…the description you so feverishly attacked is nowhere near as jacked up as numerous errors in your various posts above. I guess perhaps you are merely suffering from a woeful shortage of venues within which to wantonly brandish your staggering ignorance. Well if, as it seems, displaying your tragic level of reckless idiocy was your goal…gotta say…WELL DONE!

          • That guy says:

            thank you that was precisely my intend, now i can die in peace. Random comment about your intelligence, comment about your grammar, stab at your internet skills, leet cultural reference

    • Fellow Grammar Nazi says:

      I dunno what you’re talking about, That Guy. Look at the third picture with the text again, it’s pretty clear and concise.

  • HOLY SH*T says:

    I hope it comes out around xmas so i could get my lazy son to do the lawn

  • laorosa says:

    I have a few questions on this design… How would it handle going up and down hills? With all the weight of the driver on the single back wheel, how would it ride on irregular ground surfaces (hard, soft, wet, bumpy). The design is fun looking, but may attract small children to use it. Also the width of the mower looks really narrow and looks like it would take forever to mow a lawn.

  • Lamah says:

    I can’t imagine that this thing could possibly have enough power storage onboard to both cut the grass and drag a big lazy owner around.

  • blzrocks says:

    If this ever comes out…I am SO going to cut a smiley face across my neighbor’s lawn. >:D

  • Thewonkits says:

    That thing depresses me.

    It looks like a vaccum cleaner for your lawn… Which… Which is just sick… Lawn mowers are supposed to be hard core! You’re supposed to be able to run over a solid granite bird bath with your mower and have it chew the thing to shreds!

    If you ran over even a tiny rock with this thing, it would explode into a billion tiny plastic shards. It’s also one of those lame-ass scooters that require no skill to ride… A razor scooter is cool. But this thing? The “standing surface” is big enough for a small whale to beach itself on. I could probably pogo-stick on that thing. Where’s the skill anymore? This thing looks way too easy to use. Every day should be an adventure, not some easy-peasy “Oh look at me! I’m on my lawn-scooter! :D” faux-venture.
    It looks like one of those public strollers you use at zoos and parks and are always afraid of touching (for fear of some little kid having puked in it at one point), and it doesn’t look like it could handle a very wild lawn.
    I don’t know about you people, but I let my lawn get ridiculously out of hand before cutting it, to make it more fun. I’m serious. It’ll look like a jungle… You’ll need a team of explorers all armed with machetes to make your way through my lawn. This thing would get tangled up in an abnormally tall dandelion and probably burn it’s tiny electric motor out trying to escape.

    Vicky Petihovski, I appreciate that this wasn’t easy to design, but I think a more worthy goal to put your impressive skills to would be to make lawn-mowing fun. Go make the world more exciting.

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