I Daresay… SNAP!

No foolies, this concept vehicle right here is called the “SNAP.” This is the first time I’ve seen a transport vehicle that not only offers single-person transportation, but also a multi-singular long-range option. What I mean is this is basically a three-wheel single passenger vehicle until it’s time to get on the train. Each SNAP vehicle is able to simply connect to the main SNAP train, one next to the other, offering private mass transit with ease!

And once you’re on that train, you can open your door and talk to your fellow SNAP pilot along the way to your train’d location. Or keep it closed. Eat your sandwich in there in peace, probably.

What’s more? The SNAP singular vehicle option is similar to a two-wheel motorbike, shelling out tight turns like they were french fries. Adjustable track width back wheels for stability, giant front wheel for ease in leaning. Moveable chassis allow for connection to the locamotive. The train travels with multiple SNAPS at a time for a slightly more gas-friendly and environmental option.

SNAP races are a definite must when these fabulous machines come to fruition. I say so.

Designer: Vít Bechynský




SNAP concept vehicle by Vít Bechynský