Exercise bike that is a perfect mix of tech-savvy and artistic!

Whilst gym equipment may look right at home in… well, a gym, it does clash with the décor of most domestic settings. Seeing as we certainly don’t need another excuse not to exercise, it’s about time we have a more desirable alternative to all that clunky equipment! The solution is FUORIPISTA, a piece of fitness equipment that is undoubtedly an aesthetically pleasing object while meeting our functional demands.

FUORIPISTA’s transparent legs achieve a visually light design so it can sit unobtrusively within the room. These legs have been paired with a wooden body that makes up the frame of the bicycle; with the design being treated in a manner that complements the existing furniture within the room instead of standing out and creating disharmony.

FUORIPISTA also maintains its functionality and usability; with a tablet mounted on the handlebars to take you to any destination you want to while working out in your living room, you now have no excuse not to exercise at home!

Designer: Adriano Design