All Up In A Cell

Concept cars is what everybody needs in the future. You bet. This right here is a futuristic vision of the Audi cell car set up on independent axles and center turning drive shafts. All of the insides hidden in a fabulously eye-meltingly nice carbon body. Transport you and you loved ones around in style and safety. It’s a must.

You think Audi’d market this fabulous auto?

Electric motors inside the wheels, L:4220mm, W:1980mm, H:1350mm. Airflow around the wheel body work and axle engineered to create high downforce, aerodynamic shapes for a more fluent drive. Made of a combination of recyclable polymer materials and “progressive strong carbon fiver surfaces according to F1 construction.” Kamera system monitors situation around the vehicle and notifies the passengers accordingly.

And a fantastic kinetic energy recovery system.

That’s what’s up.

Designer: David Polášek

Audi Allivictus by David Polášek






  • reality says:

    Did Audi grant permission for the use of their name and logo?

    • JBantha says:

      Yes, they did, Audi support designers to conceptualize under “Audi”. Obviously, it is not like they accept everysingle designer, but in this case they did it.

      Also, tyhis car its quite similar to the “spiderman car” of Hot Wheels:

  • oh goodie, wagon steering, perfect if your going under 12 mph…..jeeze talk to somebody, do some research on why things are (like steering) before you put pen to tablet.

  • frezzingaces says:

    lol if you hit something hard which only contacted your wheels the top would break off and you would go flying!!!

  • John says:

    How does the suspension work? I can see a center damper on the front wheels and rear wheels, but it looks like there is no ‘travel’ in the unit at all?
    Also, when raising the body to reveal the interior seats, how is that mechanism connecting? Looks like its floating in mid air! You’d have to raise the body alot for passengers to get in and out without it becoming awkward, and it would be no good at all in urban environments where you might have low roofed carparks. Ok idea, but it needs much more conceptual thought to become useful..

  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door knob?

    on second thought………..

    Where is the door??????

    • John says:

      it has no door.. the floor pan drops down and the body lifts up..I really don’t see how it can only be 1350mm high with that much ground clearance and still fit a seated person 95th percentile with head clearance. I’d see that as more SUV size realistically…

  • AlienzExist says:

    It shows it on a race track, but it holds 3 people. It looks like a passenger concept, but it only holds 3 people. Needs more market research. Nice design though, pretty spacey, with hubless wheels we have seen too many times already.

  • meinv says:

    lol if you hit something hard which only contacted your wheels the top would break off and you would go flying!!!

  • mif991 says:

    Just looking at the “a-pilars” tells me that the designer is not considering the blind spots this feature creates. Carbon fiber composites are currently very expensive, making this vehicle a “just for the rich” eco-car, and I agree with meinv and frezzingaces that this car will not stand the smallest road hazzard bump. Tires will wear out faster than an oil change requirement. The product looks like a boat on wheels, so yeah, I am not impressed.

  • aet says:

    nice design, very smooth

  • D.v says:

    I personally find the detailing on the wheels an eyesore and I don’t see how it fits into Audi’s image.

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  • market raf says:

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