Big Open Love Bus

This right here is a bus made for everyone who is anyone. Everyone can ride this bus, no matter how they get around, no matter what they roll on. If they roll on a wheelchair, there’s room for at least two of them. If they ride a stroller (usually this is little kiddies), they’ve got four whole spaces open to them. If they ride fine legs but bad eyes, they’ve got bright contrast throughout the bus for ease of identification. Plus, there’s handles galore.

Designed to be an all-encompasing transport system for town transport, designer Ceren Bagatar dubbed this the “ACBus” Accessible City Bus. Low floor, flexible module elements throughout, and so many handles you’d be more at risk of dinking your forhead than falling down for lack of support.

What did the last bus you rode look like?

Last one I rode was when I was all the way over in England. Those busses looked very similar to this: low, relatively open, and basically all wheelchair and baby buggy ready. Not quite as handle-intensive though, and not quite as brightly colored.

Plus steps upstairs. But aren’t those gone now?

Designer: Ceren Bagatar

Accessible City Bus aka ACBus by Ceren Bagatar